Teeth Whitening: Causes, Problems and Solution

Posted on March 01 2019

One of the most important tasks of today is to keep our teeth healthy and intact as taking care of our overall look and appearance is one of the modern requirements that most of the people take seriously - in different extents. The main feature of our appearance is our smile, as having healthy and white teeth can be a significant plus point in anyone’s personal relations or for anybody’s career success.

Hence, instant home teeth-whitening kits have gathered much enough popularity in recent years as they play a helpful role in enhancing our appearance and are affordable too in comparison to high costs of cleansing by dentists.

Causes of dull colored teeth

Teeth discoloration causes due to consumption of substances, such as colored and flavored foods and drinks. Coffee, beets, tea, certain fruit juices, red wine, cherries, and berries are some of the substances that eventually discolor our teeth.

This problem can even take worsened turns due to our negative habits such as irregular and improper brushing, alcohol drinking, excessive consumption of soda, and smoking. Antibiotics can also equally contribute to discoloration of teeth.

Teeth-whitening kits for home use

The teeth-whitening process can be done at home with the help of special home teeth-whitening kits; such kits emulate the same process as an in-surgery procedure by performing the steps which are relatively similar.

A standard kit would typically include mouth trays, a whitening gel and a detailed page of instructions on how to use. During usage, the mouth trays are filled with the whitening gel and then the tray is placed on the teeth. The main motive of the tray here is to keep the gel into continuous contact with the teeth.

To make a way better contact between your teeth and gel, it would be better if you use customizable mouth trays as they are capable of keeping a better contact than genially available kits in the market. This way, you can increase the effect of whiteness and reduce the irritation that may happen due to the connection between whitening gel and the gums.

The commonly marketed whitening gels usually contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide and the safe levels of concentration are 15% and 6% respectively as per the guidelines of FDA. Peroxide breaks down when applied to the teeth in the form of gel and releases oxygen that helps to remove stains. The oxygen molecules are known to be effective in removing the substances which cause discoloration and it simultaneously restores the natural white color of the teeth.

This process can also be excelled with the help of a laser light that can increase the speed and effectiveness of the helpful whitening gel. It will also help in releasing a big amount of oxygen onto the teeth.

The best kind of instant home teeth-whitening kits in the market usually come with their active substance at a safe level of concentration. The kits also include customizable mouth trays and sometimes a laser light in order to complete the process in less time.

The kit you buy should not only be effective but also available at a reasonable price. Go for a kit that assures the maximum level of customer satisfaction.

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