Teeth Whitening Gel Kit – The best toolkit to brighten your teeth

Posted on February 21 2018

A teeth whitening kit is a set of products that are used to make our teeth brighter and white. This process also removes stains and blemishes on our teeth. Are you unable to take your teeth to a desired level of whiteness after several spells of vigorous brushing? The teeth whitening gel kit UK has all the ingredients to make your teeth brighter and it is way better than conventional toothpaste. But before using the tooth whitening kit, it is advisable to contact the dentist to take cautious advice.

Teeth whitening gel kits are better than strips and the kit covers all the teeth inside your mouth. It is very safe to use the gel and it perfectly fits into your teeth which results in better exposure of the gel to your teeth. It is also less likely that the gel will ooze out into the gum causing any type of irritation. The user can choose which specific teeth need more whitening and prepare the tray according to your convenience.

Will the teeth whitening get damaging your gums?

Gum irritation is a common problem for every individual and it will not cause any permanent damage to your gums. Temporary gum irritation is among the risk factors of using professional teeth whitening. Soft tissue or gum irritation caused by teeth whitening gel is considered a chemical burn, which is very comparable to the typical sunburn. At the time of burn, the area becomes mildly sore and turns white. But the tissue returns to normalcy within 24 hours.

The teeth whitening get doesn’t harm your tooth enamel which is considered as the hardest tissue in the human body. The product flows through the enamel tubules and begins to lighten the underlying stained tissue while achieving teeth whitening. The desensitizing gel is used to minimize sensitivity and to lessen the re-staining rate. It undergoes the natural process from active to inactive as the tubules are remineralized by organic material found in the saliva.

How do the teeth whitening gel works?

The white tooth doesn’t result from simple brushing and flossing. Are you looking to add an extra spark to your teeth? You may discover that the whitening gel is effective but harmless. The majority of whitening gels include hydrogen peroxide as one of the main ingredients. When the whitening gel is applied it gently and slowly bleaches your teeth, removing unsightly stains. The user can choose their whitening gel containing a greater concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The whitening gel contains around 25 to 40 % of hydrogen peroxide. The treatment will last for an hour.

The Teeth Whitening Gel Kit UK is no mess alternative to the traditional whitening kits and also much better than brushing with peroxide and baking soda. It uses Light-Activated Whitening Technology to speed up whitening. It will provide quick results, the taste is not that bad, it is good for stubborn stains and it reduces the teeth sensitivity.

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