Crystal Whites Teeth Whitening Strips - 2 Week Supply

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Crystal Whites Advanced Whitening Strips are the number 1 strips on the planet. With our dental gel formula, you will achieve the perfect white smile in no time at all.


Your Crystal Whites Strips

Each box contains 14 whitening pouches, there are 2 strips (1 upper,1 lower ) in each pouch giving you a total of 28 strips. Each strip contain a unique gel formula with whitening micro-crystal technology, the gel oxidises the surface of your teeth lifting away those tough to remove stains. The Crystal Whites strips contain zero peroxide, you get excellent whitening power whilst still being gentle on teeth and gums Using the product for up to 30 minutes daily, Visible results can be seen in 14 days.

How do I use Crystal Whites Strips?

It’s as easy as 1.2.3…

  1. Open. Tear carefully at the top of the pouch to reveal the strips inside.
  2. Apply. Take the longer strip first from the plastic film, place the gel side of the strip against your top teeth. Repeat the process with the other strip to the lower teeth
  3. Reveal. Use your strips daily for upto 30 minutes. Once you complete your session, remove the strips and discard, lightly brush your teeth with warm water to remove any excess gel. Reveal your new Crystal White Smile and enjoy!


Please follow these tips for maximum whitening power

  • Before you use the whitening strips, dry your teeth before applying.
  • Look into a mirror to align each strip, starting with the upper strip then lower
  • Press each of the strips firmly against your teeth
  • Fold each strip firmly behind the back of the teeth to secure the strips to keep in place

Whiten and brighten your teeth in 10 minutes

Our Teeth Whitening Kit is powered by our peroxide-free formula to deliver whiter and brighter teeth without sensitivity.

Your problem

Yellow stained teeth caused by e.g: tea, coffee, red wine, smoking & foods with colouring agents

Our treatment

New for 2020 - Advanced gel whitening formula! With Pomegranate and Aloe Vera

The result

The most incredible Crystal White teeth! Restored confidence, beaming white smile

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